YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. In summer 2006, the AUC community constructed a YouTube channel

The AUC YouTube channel contains around 94 videos. They fall under the categories of public events and lectures, campus life, and academics.

The Kamal Adham Center for Journalism Training & Research also have their own YouTube Channel. The Center is a part of the AUC network, it is dedicated to fostering the next generational of Arab journalists through academic degree options, professional training courses for working journalists, and a range of research and publishing activities. The center also supports courses in the undergraduate broadcast journalism sequence.
Programs are distinguished by the breadth of technical skills that comes with a rigorous professional program and the depth of knowledge associated with a world-class university. Students not only gain hands-on experience producing TV and online news stories but also discuss and examine the role, rights and responsibilities of Arab journalism.
Facilities include television studios and state-of-the-art videotape editing labs, supported by the latest in digital field cameras.

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