Why Do So Many Aucians Have Facebook

It’s a question many people ask, yet receive no answer. Many people in the world may have Facebook, but why do AUCians specifically have Facebook? Well the best way to find out is via interviews and surveys.

We asked this exact question to 200 AUCians, where we asked them to tick whichever was applicable. The choices were: To keep in touch with friends, for work, for fun with its games, peer pressure, someone made me my Facebook. In the end the results were: 95% To keep in touch with friends
10% For work
12% For fun with its games
40% Peer pressure
5% Someone made me my Facebook

The results were expected, however it was quite surprising to see the percentage of peer pressure to be so high. Do that many people really just make a Facebook account just because their friends have it? Shows how strong friends can influence you. The 10% for work was also quite surprising, as we only surveyed AUCIans, not adults outside, who might use Facebook as a marketing tool. Interviewing the ones who got Facebook just for work proved intriguing. Amr AbouZeid, a Sophomore majoring in Political Science was one of the few people to tick just “for work”, and his reasons were simple, “One of my classes required me to join Facebook, as the professor created a group and used it as a blog, as a way of keeping us discussing class issues on it, and a way of marking our participation”. He was indeed not interested in the fact many of his friends were on it, just for college work.

However of course, nearly all that got surveyed ticked to keep in touch with friends, which was quite expected, as that id Facebooks priority. What makes Facebook better than the other social networking sites though, like Myspace and Hi5? Deena Abdelmonem, a sophomore majoring in Psychology provided us the answer to that, “Facebook is much better than the others, because it has so many different applications and links which the other sites don’t have. It makes Myspace, Hi5 and all the others seem extremely dull”

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