Surveying the World of UACT : What does UACT have to offer you?

Adaptive Technology—Relieve your eyes. Did you know that the UACT has a lab specifically designed to serve blind people or people who can not read fine print on the screen. The computers there are equipped with software that can speak text for them or magnify it 16 folds!! bye bye to eye-hurt technology and let’s engage our senses..

Blackboard, not so black after all..There is a page on the UACT specifically designed to help you with all the blackboard troubleshoots from setting up to settling down. check out Blackboard Help

Wimba classroom. Teachers are actually using this facility to give online Piano lessons (one-on-one instruction). No longer are the student and teacher confined to limits of the physical space. Swine flu or no swine flu, they can still meet! Say hello to Education..More about Wimba

Multimedia Lab by the UACT (it’s in the hallway where UACT and CLT are located, first door on your right). It is a useful place of bountiful software supply and where questions are readily met with an answer. I’ve actually had the pleasure of working there myself. To find out that there is a not only a comprehensive list of software available from adobe suite, to final cut and office 2007 and iworks! but also assistants there are proficient enough to help you. They can help you with just about anything from sound to imaging software. I’ve seen a couple of my English instructors go there for help..
List of available software and hardware resources

Finally moodle.Moodle replaces blackboard in that it is open source easy to use collaborative and content sharing software. Being open source ensures that it last longer as it doesn’t expire with software license.It also attract more developers to work on it as it is not restricted to a certain company. For a more thorough review for why it might be a good option for you as a teacher, check out this teacher’s blogpost

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