Via's Digital Use In Development

VIA's Digital Use in relation to Development.

The Specifics of Junior Development at Meet Oqba.

To learn about the specifics of VIA’s digital use in realtion to development we have conducted an Interview with Ms. Hebatullah Khalil, head of Junior Development committee for Volunteers in Action, and we have asked him the following questions form which we have concluded some views about the overal social/civic activism of AUC students and the role of the digital within that which you can find at the findings section, Moving Away from Conventional Digital Venues? page

In relation to your specific area of development, Meet Oqba, do you find enough interest among the AUC community regarding your work?
Certainly, many AUC students sign up and are very excited about working with kids from underprivileged areas.

Do you find that the AUC community is well aware of your mission?
Those who hear of VIA are certainly aware, but many, who simply see help, via, ayb and hand in hand an glow as “community service stuff” are probably not interested enough to delve into the specific missions of each club.

Have you used digital tools to promote for it?
Certainly,we also make documentary videos all year long as well as the use of Facebook events, pictures, videos etc… . We also have a VIA website that is still under construction.

Have you found the digital/online toold effective in promoting for your development message?
Yes, many people learn about VIA from Facebook, from the pictures of the orphans visits or weekly visits which we carry out to the kids of meet oqba to help them stay at school, and become better students. I think Facebook recruited more people than we do with the on campus recruitment booth!

Do you think that the AUC community more likely to be interested in your specific missions if you use digital/online mediums?
Yes, it shows professionalism and reaches everyone in their homes.

Have you tried that out? If yes, how was it? If no, why not?
Yes, we have Facebook and the internet website, although the latter’s results are still not clear as it is under construction! The Facebook has proven to be more effective than the on campus recruitment events!

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