VIA's Digital Situation

Overall analysis: the Rhetorical Situation of VIA online

About the Exigency of VIA: When asked about what urges VIA to go digital, the head of VIA’s Media Committee said that they have a message that is at the core of VIA’s existence which they feel a need to carry it out to the community; thus, it seems, that the digital is a growing medium and it is inevitable that they go digital if they want to remain successful and popular. He also mentioned that VIA uses the digital amongst the high board and members of the organization when they have an emergency and want to make sure to reach everyone. I.e: when a need to hold immediate crisis meeting, the digital is the best way to reach everybody. By that, we understand that VIA’s exigency to go online follows a social Darwinism approach, as well an emergency backdoor for crisis.

Audience, there is a very wide “reachability” effect as it reaches many people and at their houses, as well as the fact that it’s faster. Part of the success of VIA’s digital usage is also that their audience are familiar with the digital domain. Nizar Khashaba has mentioned that the reason why they chose the digital as a medium for not just outer communication and PR , but also for communication within the group, is that the audience are already familiar with social networking that we’re using, which is Facebook. If it had been a club in a less resourceful or a less digital friendly campus, maybe the digital wouldn’t have been as successful for VIA.

The challenges that VIA faces with the digital are mostly related to originality. Mr. Khashaba has stated that to remain original, it takes a lot of effort to be creative and that it’s an everyday challenge to produce new digital substance that will still make VIA unique and attract more members to serve the community and carry out the message of VIA. VIA’s challange is certainly an authentic one that highlights its success with the digital rather than any restrictions it may have. The fact that VIA is aware of its digital competitors makes it an example for a venue of civic/social activism at AUC that uses the digital in a very successful manner.

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