Twitter is currently one of the world’s most popular social networking and micro blogging services used worldwide.


It’s been used various educational types before; According to, Twitter is currently placed on the elementary school curriculum. Children should be able to "organize and adjust" speaking and writing skills depending on the technology being used, including using "emails, messaging, wikis and twitters". During the primary years, children should also be taught to speak, write and broadcast using blogs, podcasts, websites, email and video
In 2009, higher education faculty started using Twitter to facilitate creating a social presence and immediate communication with students that are not bound by a learning management system.

AUC however, uses Twitter in a different manner.
The twitter account “aucbloggers” is used to promote the work of AUC students, particularly those who major in Mass communication. It promotes their latest blog posts, audio podcasts and video productions.

Many mass communication teachers at AUC, such as journalism professor Kim Fox, are urging students to use twitter more often, as it is now considered a news source all around the world . Many journalists, activists and others use “live tweeting” to report events on the scene.

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