-AUC holds its community- students, faculty and staff- responsible to abide by the “Code of academic integrity”, which provides legal and ethical guidelines to be followed.

AUC’s “Code of academic integrity”:

-In line with the referenced code (includes plagiarism violation) AUC subscribed to Turnitin.com, a web-based plagiarism detection system for faculty use. Turnitin.com serves to deter students from plagiarism via electronically uploading their work to the site for plagiarism detection. The system then works to check students’ uploaded work against many electronic sources and provides a percentage for plagiarized material (Originality Report). Teachers’ use of Turnitin.com enhances students’ academic integrity and it serves to act as a monitoring tool; students are encouraged to properly cite other scholars work. Also teachers can eliminate doubt regarding their students’ submitted assignments.

 How Turnitin.com works?
 Weighting plagiarism scanning Software
 Plagiarism a "learning tool" versus a "policing tool"
 Plagiarism and intellectual property rights
 Other competing plagiarism scanning Software

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