The Selection Of Digital Tools

The selection of which digital tools to implement in a university depends on multiple factors:

1. The type of Institute.

Some of the various digital tools mentioned in phase I were implemented in high schools as opposed to universities and colleges. After thorough analysis, it is seen that although those tools were beneficial in schools, they would not be so in a university.

2. The majors provided in the university.

Some of the digital tools are beneficial and apply well for some majors, while they may be not applicable in others. Therefore, it is important to analyze the digital tools in terms of the university as a whole, as well as the specific majors it provides.

3. The faculty-student relationship.

This relationship is an important factor when analyzing the effectiveness of a digital tool. Some tools will only work to their maximum capacity and will be effective when there is a strong faculty-student relationship. While others, do not require a currently strong relationship, but could however, strengthen a weak bond.

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