The Factors That Affect The Selection Of Digital Tools For Any Institute

The selection of which digital tools to implement in a university depends on multiple factors:

1. The majors provided within the university. Some digital tools may be good for specific majors only, and would not apply well with others.

2. The faculty-student relationship within the university. In universities and schools where there are more interactive and closer relationships between students and their professors, various digital tools could be used to their maximum capacity, and therefore could benefit both the student and the professor. However, if this relationship between the two parties is weak, there are digital tools that might not be used to the best of their capabilities. The two parties will not be able to use those tools in a proper way to benefit both of them.

3. The type of institute. Some of the digital tools examined in phase I, were implemented in schools and not just universities. As will be seen in the analysis, those digital tools might not be as beneficial in higher education institutes as they were in a high school.

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