The Analysis Of Those Digital Tools

This phase of the analysis relates to the implementation of the research that has been conducted. Options have been laid out, the numerous digital technologies used in both AUC and in other universities have been identified; however, which of those are in fact beneficial for AUC? Both for the faculty and the students.
The following analysis was done based on the mentioned factors that affect the selection of digital tools (The Selection of Digital Tools)

With regards to the options available in other universities:

1. Video Production As Tools For Learning : This could in fact be beneficial for SOME AUC students; however, it does not seem to posses potential in the more objective majors, such as math and engineering. Perhaps some of the Schools that might benefit from this new digital technology could be:
School of Business
School of Humanities and Social Science

2. Digital Games As Tools For Teaching : This type of digital technology was actually implemented in schools, as opposed to institutes of higher education. After thorough research, it does not seem like this type of teaching could show any improvements and results in the educational experience of a college student. The material learned in college and its complexity and detail cannot be covered by a game. The games are simply means to introduce an idea or the basis of a subject for students, something they would have probably already done in high school or prior to that.

3. Digital Tools for Research Projects : Many of the digital tools mentioned could be VERY beneficial for AUC faculty and students. There is an array of tools that can be used for specific purposes. Each one catering for a specific part within the research process. Although it might benefit majors in the School of Business, Humanities and Social Science, Global Affairs and Public Policy; unlike video production, this could also be beneficial for the School of Science and Engineering.

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