The Activism Group S Suggestions on increasing digital student participation, and general awareness
  • Re-planning with the IT team to make the AUC web-site easily-navigable, so that the issue of buried information does not re-occur. A clearer and more detailed link structure is a suggestion.
  • Since many student do not check their AUC e-mail regularly, the Provost and Postal can send out the most important news on AUC education softwares such as blackboard announcements, or on students' personal e-mails.
  • Studies have proven that faculty members have a large effect on student communication and participation. Faculty members can act as mediators of news, and so should also be sent campus and administrative news, as well. Faculty members should also try to incite student to be more proactive.
  • To have an area on the web-site for bio’s and clear contact information for the administration members in the Senate and Student Affairs.
  • To make the Future Talk blog more interactive, and assign someone to regulate it.
  • To simplify any important transactions and operations the University is willing to publicize, and post them on the AUC web-site.
  • To publicize the Bill of Right and Responsibilities approved by the Senate in 2008, and other student documents on the AUC web-site.
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