Means Of Sharing Purpose Of Survey The Number Of Participation

Survey Data: Means of sharing, purpose of survey, and # of participation

In order to measure the online activism related to the issue of Elbaradei presidential campaign, a survey has circulated among the AUC community, via blackboard, and Facebook.
The survey was distributed to the AUC community through Blackboard AUC mailing system, to 75 students. It was also distributed to a number of 10 AUC students through their personal emails. Finally, the survey link was given to the public through open access on Facebook, and AUCians were especially encouraged to fill it out. Out of all these invitations, 66 students have taken the student survey, and, 9 out of 25 invitations have taken the staff and faculty survey.

Just by these mere numbers, we can understand or infer something about political activism and the Digital at AUC. Relating the theme of the survey to the method of distribution and the number of answers gives us an understanding of how engaged the AUC community is with political digital activism. The fact that the survey was distributed solely via digital mediums ( social networking sites – through personal profile, sending lists on the groups of classes at AUC, department pages etc,- university software, and emails) and that the title bared the reason of the survey “measuring digital political activism”, show that the community is rather uninterested in that topic. This sis the case since while looking at the totality of the numbers that have taken the survey, in relation to the number of requests, we notice a rather low level of participation from the faculty and the students .T

his correlation of means of spreading the survey, the aim of the survey, and the wide range of accessibility in relation not the number of participation seems to suggest that the AUC community is not as interested in political activism, or at least online.

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