Student Participation In The Auc Decision Making Process

‘Institutional Quality’ is one of the combined goals and values, which holds high in the American University in Cairo (AUC) (Future Talk). As a principle that demands academic and institutional excellence, it vows for using and implementing methods such as increased communication and transparency. This is largely undertaken by the community management and planning forums in AUC. One of the latest and first of its kind, held on Wednesday April 7th, 2010 in Mohamed Shafik Gabr Lecture Hall was a discussion meeting that tackled: “What positive actions can AUC take over the next three years to increase student participation in university decision-making?”
The discussion was structured by way of a panel, in which seven panelists, three of which were students, were invited to speak and discuss their suggestions, with Provost Lisa Anderson acting as panel moderator. The event was advertised for by an e-mail sent from the Provost (written by Lisa Anderson) one day in advance, April 6th, specifically inviting students to come participate in this conversation.
Role of Students on the Panel and in the audience:
As panelists started in turns to make, at first small, gratuitous opening speeches, they soon acknowledged the existence and possible utility of certain student documents, and brought up helpful suggestions that fell heavily on integrating students into AUC’s structural and managerial administration system. These suggestions also came in response to floor students (and their voiced ideas), who unfortunately made up only a minute segment of the audience.

The Digital inquiries, suggestions, and solutions made in the forum:
Most of the inquiries, and a large part of the solutions encompassed digital ones; these include some alterations or clarifications that could be made on a specific AUC-related web-space, or other issues of transparency and communication that could be facilitated by several digital options. For the purpose of this forum and general student participation, a blogspot blog was created by the planning committee entitled: Future Talk. Below are (a) some of the important points discussed in the forum, or from feedback posted on e-mail, (b) with commentary on the adequacy and usage of “Future Talk”:

(a) Points made in the forum about AUC's decision making process and the digital situation/suggestions

(b) Analysis of Future Talk blog

Here, you can view The Activism group's suggestions on increasing digital student participation, and general awareness

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