Here is a place to begin to practice using the wiki syntax and interface.

First create your own page so you have a place to play—we'll go around the room and do this one at a time.

Type the title of your Page into the new page box on the left menu and create the page.

An editing box for you page will pop up, type something on the page and save it.

The Go back to the Sandbox page and click edit. Put you cursor at the top of the list and click on the "Page Link Wizard"

Enter the title of your page in the wizard (no anchor text necessary), click "Save code" and then save the page.

Wait until everyone has added their link to the page, then go to your page to experiment with the interface.

Then, on your own page, try making a link to an outside URL.Use the first "link" icon above (mouseover shows URL link), insert the cursor in your page, click the link icon and substitute the URL and link name for the samples. Save and test.

Then make a link from your page to another new wiki page (i.e. one of your classmates).

Add some new content to your page and try experimenting with the editing tools provided by the interface (i.e. make headings, use bold italics, lists etc.) Try inserting an image.

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