Purpose Research Question And Thesis

We would like to delve into the complexities of digital rhetoric in a growing, fast-paced Digital Age and see just how much it affects our lives and our social interactions. Specifically, we would like to examine the effects digital rhetoric has on activism, both political and social, in AUC.
We believe that digital rhetoric has facilitated, enhanced and made more viable political and social activism in AUC. Through a series of surveys, interviews, statistical research and field research, we would like to test our hypothesis to see just how true it is. How much more involved and better informed have AUCians become since these kinds of topics (social and political issues) have been available online through digital rhetoric? Is there a clear correlation between “virtual activism” and “real time” activism?
We will go about researching this in various ways, examining mediums such as facebook, blogs, online newspapers, etc. (See Methods ). We realize that our research may end up being more qualitative than quantitative as the effects of the use of digital rhetoric are not in any way necessarily tangible and apparent. We will take care not to conflate or reduce our argument to our findings per se, but will try to approach the topic from a more personal, more hands-on approach via interviews, surveys, etc.
Ultimately, we hope to gain a better understanding of how digital rhetoric has shaped and changed our society, in this case, in a positive way. We hope to add to the growing study of the digital world, the Digital Age and how the world is becoming more and more interconnected and intertwined.


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