Protest Groups


AUC is known to have experience several student protests about issues both on and off campus. For example a group was created recently titled "Pettition to Open the Huss Gate". This issue was a serious one for students because they felt that the university adminstration had stopped paying attention to their needs. The group was created to spread word of the protest that took place on thursday 18th March. The online publicity played a role in the numbers of students that were protesting that day.

Another group made even more recently was "Close Tabasco at AUC untill we ARE SURE that its food is not poisoning!" As the name said the group was made in protest of the quality of the food in Tobasco and the "friendliness" of it's staff. The idea of the group is to spread the word to students so that they won't eat at tobasco until University officials investigate the claim of it's food being unhealthy. The group also offers students a chance to share their complaints and experiences with tobasco which helps in the argument of the cause.
Other Protest groups include "Fix the Road to Campus" and "Do not sell away the old campus"

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