Positive Effects

The sotware contribution has positively influenced one's life through facilitiating many tasks and saving the time consumption. In addition the contribution of software had resulted in facilitaing decision making in different companies and departments along with increasing productivity an profitablity(12). Moreover, the use of software in the interpretation of knowledge in many departments would lead to decreasing time consumption, as stated by Bruce Dehning who conducted research on the accounting department in a company which uses software devices and information technology in facilitating the tasks(12). This research has shown that by using software managers were able to prepare the degree audit without consuming a lot of time preparing and calculating the different ratios as all of these tasks are performed by software devices in less time; moreover, software facilitates for managers the issue of comparing their performance with that of the competitors with the save of time and effort (12). In the health care service industry, the intervention of software has greatly enhanced the service. As stated by Hsin Hsin, Chang, and Chang Ching Sheng, the use of software had reduced the work load for staff and increase the service efficency; moreover, researches conducted stated that technology based service has positive effect on the quality of the service and patient satisfaction as there was a feel of psychological trust for the patients (13).
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