Philip Rizk

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On February 6th 2009 Philip Rizk, a German-Egyptian post-graduate student at the American University in Cairo and a journalist was abducted by police forces after a strike against the seige in Gaza in the Qalyubiya district and disappeared for a long time thereafter with no formal arrest charge and no indication of when he would be allowed to leave. Soon after his arrest groups were created on Facebook, as well as a website, which eventually led to a strike being organized on his behalf on the campus of AUC. He was released four days after his arrest. Furthermore, a very large online campaign was held on his behalf, which frequently materialized on a physical scale, and was responsible for a very large part of the reason behind Philip Rizk's quick release.
Moreover, Philip Rizk is known to be a great sympathizer for the Palestinian cause, and much of his work is focused around that topic, such as his film "The Palestinian Life" which is about non-violent Palestinian struggle. His blog is indicative of the sympathies he holds, as well as much of his activism and struggled, as is evident through the (unofficial) reason for his arrest. However, recently he has turned his attention in his blog more towards Egyptian current events, indicating that his sympathies are not reserved simply for Palestinian issues. In an interview with him, more light is shed on his overall sympathies.

Please view: Transcript of Interview with Philip Rizk


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