Palestine Israel Conflict

AUCians for Gaza

The Palestine/Israel issue is one that occupies many minds in the Middle East. A lot of people want to help, but can find no recourse. Various groups have come up and taken up action, trying to relieve the people of Palestine and to make everyone aware of their plight.

With the inhumane Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in late 2008, people all over the world sought to stand up against these human rights violations. One group that emerged in AUC is AUCians for Gaza. Members are aware that they cannot go into Palestine and be directly involved, so they try to find ways in which they can help right from the campus in Cairo, Egypt.

A facebook group by the name of the student organization reminds AUC faculty, staff and students that “sympathy without action is not enough” (“AUCians for Gaza”). The group seeks to: 1. Spread awareness that each individual must take action; 2. Open the Rafah crossing so that humanitarian aid can be sent through it; 3. Gather donations for the wounded and dying in Gaza.

The group now boasts around 1300


members. Members post prayers, reminders, news updates and headlines, and emotionally evocative videos from youtube to solicit support and donations for the cause. The group has also organized one sit-in so far, also through facebook.

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