Other competing plagiarism scanning Software: Viper versus Turnitin

Viper: a plagiarism-checking software which caters for the same purposes like turnitin.com. However, they differ as the following table reveals:


- Viper helps students to save money on studying costs, as plagiarism prevention via the use of “Viper” is for free. On the other hand, Turnitin.com would be a costly option to choose.

-AUC uses turnitin.com as its plagiarism scanning software, thus students like myself are deprived from checking their work for plagiarism before submissions, due to its availability merely for teachers’ assurance that their students’ submitted documents are free from plagiarism. Students become afraid from turnitin.com submissions as it may surprise them of having accidently plagiarized some material. Moreover, for a student to acquire Writecheck and consequently gain assurance that submitted papers are free from plagiarism, the student is forced to bear the cost.

-Viper provides “Editing Services” for grammatical errors, accurate vocabulary, and consistent citation, thus students can enhance their papers before final submission.

-Unfortunately Viper is only downloadable on Microsoft windows, thus it does not support other operating systems; students who are not windows users are deprived from Viper’s facilities.

-It is interesting to note the name and of the plagiarism scanner, "viper", references the name of a poisonous snake. Also the name is supported by a vivid image of a snake that encompasses the word "plagiarism". One would interpret it as the plagiarism scanner disguised as the viper which is poisonous to plagiarists.

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