Negative Effects

The contribution of software in our day to day life has adversely affected our lives. As technology develops, software intervention increases in the lives of people which has certain implications on them. As stated by Ruth Perry and Lisa Greber, researches had shown that software and technology has great impact on the employment of people (14). The impact of software is not on the employment of people of both genders but on women only as women transfer their work to home which causes them some psychological and health problems, such as feel of isolation, eye problems, insomnia, increased stress , depression and anxiety (14). In addition to all of these problems caused to women, women who work at home lack some privacy issues along with the lack of wage benefits as lower wages are offered to them. Therefore, all of these problems has shown gender discrimination as most companies prefer that women would work at home and has shown inequality in the wages paid and the job opportunities offered to women. In addition to all these problems that are offered to women, software has caused some general problems to all people at diiferent ages. This idea is shown from the free flow of information through the most popular software technology,the Internet, which causes lack of privacy for most of the people as their private information are revealed through this software.

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