Importance Of Online Community

Since Fall 2008, the American University in Cairo has moved the location of its campus, from the small campus located in the heart of downtown Cairo to the 250 acre campus in New Cairo. The location of the new campus is considered unconventional by many of AUC’s students and faculty, since it’s located in a relatively new town, still under construction, very isolated and far from the busy towns of Cairo. Most students have to drive a really long way each morning to attend classes.

This isolation has created a tension between members of the AUC community. In a first hand poll conducted by this group on 500 students that have witnessed the move from the old to the new campus, almost 57% believe that the move has resulted in some sort of a weakening in relationships, and 23% believe that AUC is not making the most of it’s online resources to create a stronger community.

The two most significant online interaction between students, faculty, and administration are:

Web For Students: allows students to view their transcripts, their GPAs, grades, course requirements, online registration, and all student informations records such as degree audits and account summaries and financial affairs.
It also holds students’ personal information, such as personal emails, numbers and addresses, as well as social security numbers and marital status.

Web for Faculty:allows teachers to view faculty schedule, class lists or wait lists; register students for your classes or enter grades, review students’ course work and degree audit information.

However, both these two mediums do not allow for fast communication between them, only a small frame of one side providing the information, and the other able to access it.

Sociology professor, Hussien Shabka believes that this separation between the students and the faculty can cause the students to retaliate, and form online communities on their own through social media such as Facebook, which can further create problems in the university

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