Helpclub S Masr El Adima Development

HelpClub's Masr El Adima Development

An interview has been conducted with the Vice President of HelpClub, one of the most active famous service clubs at AUC. In the following questions and answers, the aim is to try and measure how socially or civically active part of the AUC community is, and what is the relation between this activism and the digital mediums. HelpClub is one of the oldest community service clubs at AUC, established snce year 1995,and still active since till today. The Interview has been conducted with Ms Khadiga Omar, the club's Vice President, a Graducating Senior at AUC with Political Science and History Majors and Hebatullah Khalil, a Graduating Senior at AUC with Political Science major as well.

The design of the interview was a set of general questions about HelpClub’s use of digital mediums, followed by a specific set of questions of how the digital is used in Civic engagement and particularly in the domain of human development at the Masr ElAdima-OldCairo neighborhoods. (Although very famous for its beautiful historic architectual Masr El Adima, or Old Cairo is one of the many, poor, underdeveloped, and dangerous neighborhoods of Cairo)


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