HelpClub's General Digital Use

Helpclub's General Digital Use
In order to try and measure how socially and/or civically active is part of the AUC community, and what is the relation between their activism and the digital, an interview has been conducted with the Vice President of HelpClub, one of the most famous community service clubs at AUC.This section will provide the questions and answers of Ms.Khadiga Omar regarding HelpClub’s digital use, and will also provide analysis as to what her answers tell us about the digital situation at AUC community in relation to civic engagement.

First question asked to Ms. Omar was whether Help club is considered an activist org/club, and if yes, what is it fighting for.
In answer to that, Ms. Omar said that HelpClub defines itself as “socially” activist organization that is fighting to help the community of Cairo, especially this of Masr El Adima, and raise awareness about the importance of community service as a whole within the AUC community.
From this self identification, HelpClub becomes a suitable case to measure of which digital activism can be measured, since it does concern itself with the spread of social activism through community service and development.

Next, Ms. Omar was asked whether HelpClub uses digital tools, and if it has an online presence, and in what manners are they used. She answered that HelpClub uses the digital to make documentaries to promote certain awareness topics which they see of relevance to AUC community. For example, HelpClub saw a need to communicate to the AUC community with regards to the effects of the move to new campus on students, and highlight the different effects it had on the people. In response, HelpClub Media committee made a movie which was shown, not only in its annual reception on the AUC campus, but also made it available online on its Facebook group (the movie can be found here). Regarding HelpClub’s online presence, it does not have a website, yet, it has a Facebook group and a Facebook page. HelpClub uses the Facebook page [] to announce its awareness campaigns and to publicize for its coming events. It also uses Google Groups as means to communicate between its highboard members, since they find it more “efficient”.

By that, we understand that since the digital serves the purpose of efficient communication between the highboard members of HelpClub, and HelpClub is a “civic active org.”, the digital is a means to facilitate and contribute to the management and success of the social activism at AUC. This is the case, especially that Ms. Omar says that the Google groups has an advantage over “actual” meetings because: it’s faster, has a wider range of reach, in the sense that members don’t need to be physically present at one place to meet, and saves energy on the logistical organization that is needed for a meeting.

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