Helpclub'sDigital Use In Development

Helpclub'sDigital Use In Development;Masr El Adima’s Development specifics:

HelpClub’s main challenge with the digital as means to activism is to keep it updated. With regard to their specific area of development, Masr El Adima –Old Cairo neighborhood(s)- HelpClub finds that AUC as a community is not very well aware of their mission, nor is it very much interested. The digital medium however in the case of HelpClub doesn’t help their social activism cause very much, or at least not as much as it does with groups like VIA.
Ms Omar said “ the digital gets AUC community interested in our mission only to a certain extent, at least, they join the groups online.” However, one can assess that this “certain extent” is not a great extent since HelpClub still finds the community at AUC not to be aware of their mission.
Finally, Ms.Omar finds that there is a need for more effective Digital expression on the side of HelpClub in order for the AUC community to get more involved with their Mission.
Possible suggestions made by Ms. Omar about HelpClub’s digital activity is that, if HelpClub's digital activity and/or influence was increased, it would certainly serve the purpose of their mission better and increase the AUC’s interest in the social/civic awareness programs that Help Club tries to promote.
When Ms. Omar was asked about the proposal whether she’d like AUC administration to support the digital activity of HelpClub by offering trainings, she said that eh club prefers to remain autonomous, and to rely on the experience of its members in promoting the use of digital tools to raise awareness about the Masr El Adima Development.
Assessing HelpClub’s development of Massr El Adima, the club seems not to be fully aware of the potentials that the digital has in promoting to their specific development case; HelpClub’s Digital use is for general publicity about the club, as has been mentioned in the previous page. Unlike VIA’s digital Activity, HelpClub Facebook presence , for example, is exsistent in one page the purpose of which is to spread the word about HelpClub as a whole, instead of promoting for different activities of the club wholly and separately. If the club comes to realize the potentials of promoting for the specific mission of Old Cairo’s development through the digital, they would certainly attract much more attention to t heir mission, as they have mentioned that its not very much popular among the community.

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