Helpclub S Digital Situation

Since the Digital Use of Helpclub is primarly inter-relations, through googlegroups, the digital situation of HelpClub is very unique.
The reason why they use the digital is because they want more efficient inter-club relations. Hence, their exigency is driven from their need to connect more efficiently and with less time and space restriction. Another reason for their move into the digital is the structure of their club. Helpclub is basically sectioned into two; one section for children’s program, women program, and on awareness programs , and the clubs paper and is managed by the girls of the club. The guys, manage the Public Relations, the Micro projects, the Multimedia Committee, the Logistics, and the elderly development. This internal of gender-separation in the club, is an exigency for moving to the digital within the real of IPR-Internal Public Relation, or in other words with dealin amongst themselves.

The club also uses Facebook as an agency tool of sharing news and success stories among the group, as well as publicizing for the Club into the public and inviting AUC students to the HelpClub events. However, because of the rather traditional use of the Facebook group; i.e sharing photos and clips from their annual receptions, the club is not making the best use out of facebook as a digital medium. They are not creating separate events off of the group to publicize for their on campus community service campaigns for example, nor are they making “event”pages for members recruitments or the like; something that other clubs such as VIA are doing.

This is possibly because HelpClub’s main audience in the digital are the club members themselves; it’s a way for them to meet off of the real life in an easier manner, and to share with each other their news and plans. The rest of the AUC community are included as audience just as viewers, but not as participants, which explains the agency of the digital use of HelpClub.

In terms of originality, HelpClub’s page is quite ordinary; it’s a static page with a discussion forum that is mainly used by club members. It even has been mentioned above; it lacks the innovative braches that can advertise for the club’s events and activities.
HelpClub certainly needs a more holistic and extrovert exposure to the potential of the Digital, and how it may enhance their Civic and Social Activism method, as has been suggested in the findings page.

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