Green Hands Club

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The Green Hands Club is one of the newest non-profit, student run organizations in AUC made up of young people interested in taking actions to solve some environmental issues in Egypt including littering, wasting water, and the lack of greenery. Through the creation of this club, they hope to improve the environment in Egypt and to reduce pollution as well as to produce future generations that care for their environment and actively contributes to its improvement. The club was officially founded on April 21 2010 by Yasminah Elsayed and Nuha Al-Jarhi, two AUC students. However, the group is not exclusive to AUC students only, as it hopes to propagate its environmental awareness nationally.
Moreover, as an activist group, Green Hands is involved in projects aimed at actively improving the environment in Egypt.
Green Hands make use of their website in order to publicize the group and promote it to potential members. There is also a Facebook Group which is crucial for the recruitment process as it allows more people to learn about Green Hands and to get involved in it in a way which is much easier and more accessible than it would be otherwise. Moreover, Green Hands is an example of an initiative which took its first steps online, and could not have been realized without the help of online media. These online tools have facilitated things for the group in various different ways; from promotion and campaigning to recruitment to providing (actively or through the website) information for interested onlookers.


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