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This is for brainstorming your collaborative project topics
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This is broad. How the social media today affects our offline identities. Are we critical enough to what we read online? Are we less patient when collecting information and reading news online? Are we shaped by the social medias development? Does the new social media set the agenda, which we have to follow?
by: lpblpb
06 Apr 2011 09:14
3 by nalphonsenalphonse
26 Apr 2011 11:15 Jump!
The fact that once the information is online, it's always going to be online even if we delete it.
by: nalphonsenalphonse
06 Apr 2011 09:10
3 by Nahla HoballahNahla Hoballah
06 Apr 2011 09:16 Jump!
by: HoussamHoussam
06 Apr 2011 09:13
by: Kareem MoussaKareem Moussa
06 Apr 2011 09:08
2 by nalphonsenalphonse
06 Apr 2011 09:13 Jump!
Some guidance for what might make a good topic and also a space to ask questions.
by: bgirondabgironda
06 Apr 2011 07:55
3 by Ola El HefnawyOla El Hefnawy
06 Apr 2011 09:11 Jump!
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