How to Edit a Menu.

To edit the left side panel navigation menu, click on the “Edit this panel” link at the bottom of the menu.

This will open the menu in an editing window in the middle of the screen.

Click on "Edit" at the bottom (or top) of the page to get the editing interface.

To add a link, insert your cursor at the bottom of the list of links, at the end of th last link and hit “Enter” on the keyboard. This will start a new link on the next line. Type the text that will be the title for the link. Select this text and click on the “Page link” in the editing menu above. Then save the panel. You will see a new item at the bottom of the menu list.

When you click on this link, it will stake you to a page that says, This page does not exist.

Click on “Create Page.”

Then edit this page to suit the link you have created.

To edit the top menu bar,

Click on the “List all pages” link in the side navigation bar.

Click on the link called “Top Menu Bar” on that page.

Click on Edit (at the top or bottom of the page.)

You can change the title of this menu from Example Menu to something else.

You can add items to this pull-down menu by replacing “example item 1” and “example item 2” with new text and new page links. You can also add new items to this list for additional page links in the pull-down menu. NOTE that the items in the list are slightly indented below the title of the menu. Keep this indentation for any additional items that you add to the pull-down menu (and/or when replacing items.)

Don’t change or delete the Contact link.

To add additional items across the top menu bar, add them in line (to the left margin) with the Contact link (i.e. not indented) and also put them above the contact link so that it will be pushed to the right and the other list items will precede it left to right.

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