FGM Survey Results


  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Personal research



  • Private lessons in religion
  • Lectures and discussions


Please specify why:

  • I didn't see anything on Facebook about the issue.
  • Well, I understood it was not good, and made some women loss some parts of their sexuality. I never heard of this except when I got to Egypt, and think it's a cultural phenomenon here but not religious.
  • Groups on Facebook are a perfect example of activism in this field
  • Because it's not extensive enough, it's very weak infact. like i never seen an add on Tv or FB about it
  • I have rarely seen anything on TV or the internet discussing the issue. I knew about it from my family and some private lessons in religion as i mentioned before
  • if you open the sites and look for information, you'll probably find it. but, just opening sites and findinf a link or something that would grab your attention so you'd open it and actually learn more about the topic or subject in hand
  • I understand the religious devotion behind some quote from Al Bukhari, and that it is not part of our modern progressive world.
  • as it provides me with enough information to be able to base an opinion on the subject or to try and take action to make the situation better ..
  • I only heard about FGM in banned films and through my personal research.
  • Because they require the targeted audience to go find them as opposed to going out to them. That is finding an internet connection, affording it, then actually having enough interest to gain knowledge of and access these websites.
  • Because they are an open source of info to an otherwise sensitive topic
  • because in such third a world society , the only way to raise awarness of any issue is through digital technology , as literate people spend most of their time on it , and the regime itself doesnt provide any kind if awarness what so ever , so basically digital technology is the only gate for seking information , therefore our perceptions will be based on such exposure
  • It doesn't take much to feel a certain way about a subject like this.
  • Easy access, tons of (detailed)information and cross-links between various sources, research and news websites made it all very seem concrete and verifiable.
  • I had a clear idea and opinion of the matter, and none of the above changed them.
  • I was doing a research about the topic, and suprisingly many activists and religious leaders are fighting against it, so I tried to take the same stance from then on.
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