FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

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To this day, Female Genital Mutilation or female "circumcision" continues to be a widespread practice in rural Egypt, as well as many African countries, conducted on most young girls once they reach a certain age. However, for around the past two decades or so, there has been a general widespread movement against FGM in the media and online, and in recent years the topic has become more and more talked about and discussed with the hopes of there being more measures to end this particular rite in the lives of many females.

Thus, FGM has become more and more of an issue amongst academia and intellectuals, and university settings have brought the issue into light more prominently than ever before. And, while there is no particular group in AUC which addresses the issue directly, in many cases, particularly amongst the Humanities and Social Science departments, AUC has become an important part of the relatively new current adressing this issue.

A survey was distributed online at random amongst 36 AUC students regarding issues of FGM and the ways in which digital rhetoric affected their knowledge of it. Of the 83.3% who were familiar with the term, 66.7% of them had heard of the issue in an academic/university setting, while only 46.7% of them got most of their information regarding the issue in the same setting. Many of those, as well as the rest recieved the rest of their information online, through books, magazines, ads/posters, television or by word of mouth. 33.3% of those got the majority of their information about FGM through websites dedicated to the cause. However, while only 47% of them answered yes to the question "Do you feel like digital media (internet - Facebook, websites, etc.)has played a large role in shaping your ideas and feeling about FGM?", a large part of the written responses denoted the fact that while the internet helped inform them about FGM, the other 54%, for the most part, already had fixed feelings about the issue and did not need digital media to direct them in terms of sentiment, but used it to direct their knowledge to some degree. For more details on this survey, please go to FGM Survey Results.

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