Facebook Groups-Overview

Facebook was first created by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, as an online directory for Harvard Students. Today Facebook has grown in unbelievable proportions, hosting hundreds of millions of users. Facebook was created by a University student, for University students. It should be no suprise that several AUC related groups have been started on facebook. From groups advertising organizations on campus to groups that protest against injustice and unfavorable topics, and the most recent group to date "Overheard at AUC", which pretty much bands Aucians of all sorts of majors and years toghther to discuss those funny and awkward moments that happened on campus.

Facebook has had a strong impact on universities since it's first creation a few years ago, by a university student at that. Among the things that will be discussed-

-The Pros and Cons of having facebook in a learning enviroment
-What effects does it have on students
-How do different individual's and groups use facebook groups and applly them to their learning culture
-The factors Facebook provide to its users such as self expression and the ability to provide feedback
-The differences in the situation in Universities other than AUC, whether in Egypt or abroad

Types of Groups

Facebook in Education

Facebook in a learning environment

Why do so many AUCians have Facebook?


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