Library Application

A perfect example of how Facebook is being used to promote literacy and reach out to students, is the Facebook application developed by the National Singapore Library.

The application is called: NLB myLibrary

What can I do using the myLibrary Application?
myLibrary offers the following suite of features and NLB services:

Account checking: users can perform library transactions and view information pertaining to their library accounts including overdue items, fines information and item reservation.
ASK! A Librarian service: users can send information-related enquiries to librarians who will respond within three working days. They can also view selected user enquiries and librarian responses.
New arrivals: users can view and search for the latest items available from NLB libraries.
Events: users can view and search for information on upcoming events and exhibitions held at NLB libraries.
Blogs: users can view the latest blog entries from NLB’s family of blogs including High Browse Online, Read and Reap and YO!
MyStuff: this is a virtual shelf to which users can save content (i.e. blog entries, event and item information, enquiries/responses) available in MyLibrary.
Recommendations: users can recommend items and information available in MyLibrary to friends. In the Recommendations tab, users can view their own recommendations as well as what others have recommended to them.
Post to profile: this Facebook feature has been enabled for users to post content available in MyLibrary on their profile page for others to view.
Invite: users can invite their friends to add MyLibrary to their Facebook accounts. [1]

It is interesting to see that not only educators, but educational services have taken a leap into the virtual world. Books and Hard copies are soon to become obsolete, and libraries such as this one are facing the reality by e,bracing the new technology and using it to their advantage. This creates a more organized and cleaner workspace, as well as much more effective management.

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