Elbalad Baladak The Country Is Yours

El Balad Baladak - Translated into The Country is Yours- is the first student run political association at AUC.
It's formation was purely digital! Only three weeks ago, Nour Ayman Nour, a Political Science major graduating senior student, and son of the famous political figure Ayman Nour, along with Farida Ezzat, another AUC undergraduate student who was engaged in student run activities, engaging students in leadership conferences: ISLC, decided to form this group.

El Balad Baladak Facebook Group puts foraward the goal of the association, and its audience very clearly. The audience are students, students for change, as represented by the group's club. The aim of the group is to awaken the sense of patriotism in Egyptian students' minds, through reminding them of what Egypt has offered to them and to the rest of the world all across history. Another main theme is highlighting the difference between the rich and the poor; in the essential information section, the admins call upon the well to do egyptians to accept their responsabilities as educated, enlightened people, and take the lead for change, since, arguably, those who are less fortunate and rather poor, have much more to worry about which may restrain them from being pro-active persons.

These themes were highlighted in the group first "on ground" activism; on Monday the 17th of May, the leading admins of the group organized a protest with the name "El Balad Baladak" at the AUC New Campus. The main themes of the protest were to stimulate AUC students to get voting cards, and be interested in the elections of 2011. They also propagated for their aim theme which is students for change, and made sure to claim no political orientation for themselves. All the group wanted to put across, which they did successfuly, is to make sure that students take a leading responsible role in brining change to their country: Egypt.

The narrative of AUC student participation on the Facebook group goes along with the themes advocating for change, without campaigning for a certain political party nor a particular candidate. The group wall is used to share inspiring speeches of world leading political figures, newspaper articles about the need for change, guidelines for getting one's voting card, constitutional articles relevant to the political debates in egypt today, and finally, occasionally, critical speeches of president Mubarak.

The group is currently using the digital to organize for "Get your Voting Card Trip". Through this event, the group is collecting the emails and living neighborhoods of AUC students to organize a collective visit to the local police stations in order to issue the voting cards.

This is a one of a kind group, that is rapidly, yet, effectively growing, and it should be very interesting to monitor its activity. In order to see how much it will develop in the next period at AUC, and how much "real life"activism like the one just mentioned will it be able to accomplish


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