El Baradei

An Overview of the Issue:

The election of 2005 was th first legitimate election experience in Egypt ever. Although it is widely believed that the elections were rigged (The economist), Egyptians seem to appreciate the system of elections, and many campaigns about the next upcoming presidential elections in 2011 have sprung up since the end of 2009 .
A very popular and promising nominee for presidential elections is Mohammed El Baradei. El Baradei is a Nobel prize winner Egyptian atomic scientist who worked for the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) for twelve years (Kenner, 1). El Baradei's third term as head of the IAEA expired on Nov. 30, 2009. In December 2009, El Baradei has expressed that he would consider running for the presidency in 2011 (Kenner, 1)

For his high scientific and political profile, El Baradei’s declaration of intending to run for presidency has been well received within the Egyptian society, especially the young activists. However, the problem is that according to the Egyptian Constitution, Dr. El Baradei is unfit as a presidential candidate. Article 76, which was passed in 2007, requires presidential candidates to have been a member of a legal party's senior leadership for at least a year, or to secure the nomination of 250 local and national elected officials. (The Egyptian Constitution).

Consequently, Egyptian activists, including youth, have taken the rode to support Dr. El Baradei. These activists aim to support El Baradei by forming political associations, or cultures with specific agendas and goals.
The point of this section is to measure how the digital environment is serving as a medium of activism for the Baradei cause.
This section will provide insights into how much politically engaged is the AUC study body,faculty and staff, through the digital. Furthermore, how much does the electronic activism translate into on ground action is a question that cannot be left unanswered.
A students survey was conducted to test the answers to these questions among the student body at AUC.

These findings are highlighted in the following pages

Survey Methods,Responses and Activism
El Baradei's campaign on Facebook

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