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1. Please give a brief but comprehensive description of EL BALAD BALADAK’s mission and cause, when it was started, by whom and why?

El Balad Baladak's idea is very simple: a few friends and I often talked about how sad it is that most people our age aren't really interested in what's going on in their country and have little to no knowledge whatsoever of the numerous social crises that their fellow Egyptians are going through. In such an atmosphere of apathy and lack of interest we decided to start raising awareness and promoting civic engagement in order to change and improve our country. Or at least, change the negatives attitudes and mentalities of people in order to achieve change.

2. Is EL BALAD BALADAK exclusive to AUCians?

El balad baladak is most definitely not exclusive to AUCians. Our facebook group is an open one and we have over 1300 members from very different backgrounds. However, seeing that some of the events (meetings and sit-in) that we did during the spring semestre were on campus, this caused some people to believe that we're exclusive. Our "target audience" is Egyptian students but adults are also welcome.

3. Do you consider yourself an activist-organization/club? What are you fighting for?

I wouldn't define el Balad Baladak البلد بلدك as an activist organization/club per se. We are far from being a professional institution. Rather, we are just 'a bunch of kids' who got together to make a change.
We are fighting for this country and its people. We are fighting apathy, lack of faith and interest. We are fighting all those who say that things will only get worse and those who say that their opinion won't matter and voice won't count.

4. Does EL BALAD BALADAK use digital (internet) tools? If yes, what are your digital mediums? What tools do you use?

Our digital tools are not that numerous. We use facebook mainly to discuss topics and share ideas. We also post pictures and mini-documentaries on our group.

5. Does EL BALAD BALADAK have an Online Presence? If yes, in what ways are you present online?

Facebook group.

6. Do you feel like your presence online, in any, has helped the EL BALAD BALADAK cause? Has it helped spread awareness about the cause/issues relating to EL BALAD BALADAK?

Absolutely. If it weren't for facebook our cause would have remained within the gated community of AUC. The internet has provided us with a voice outside the university campus.

7. Do you feel like the initiatives put forward online (if any) materialize/are carried over in real life?

Yes. We actually have a section on the facebook group dedicated to precisely that. A section where people can post realstic goals that they would like to implement in Egypt in the near future.

8. Has digital media made it easier for you to recruit people to EL BALAD BALADAK?


9. Does digital media make information regarding EL BALAD BALADAK and its cause more accessible, both for you and for potential EL BALAD BALADAK members?


10. Do you use online tools to promote EL BALAD BALADAK?

yes. El Balad Baladak has gone from less than fifty members to over 1000 ones in a single week thanks to the internet.

Interview with Farida Ezzat.

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