The Facebook Group

On a similar note, when trying to discern how involved AUC students are, it becomes most important to see how active they are in online activism, through digital mediums, such as facebook.

The goal of the focus on online activism regarding the Baradei issue at AUC is to give us a sense of how in touch AUCians are with the society, and where the students fall in regard to the overall online social movement advocating for El Baradei.
The first digital medium to be observed is a Facebook group titled “Elbaradei for Presidency of Egypt_ 2011”. The group is a very large one and is made up of 209,615 members.

The group seems to be very goal-oriented. The first goal of its creators is spreading awareness among the people about the necessity for change. Second, they articulate that the goal of their campaign is seeking change through th election of El Baradei. And finally, they aim to use of all popular media to group all energy to support the candidate ONCE a legal frame is available.

Looking at “Elbaradei for Presidency of Egypt_ 2011” as a group within one of if not the most popular social networking websites will certainly give a useful understanding of the online activism of AUCians. Hence it becomes necessarily to question such a large group and collect and analyses data about their usurers to know whether they have AUCians, how involved they may be, and, how effective is that involvement.

A visit the facebook group, please click below


Following is a census of surveys taken by the group members to measure online activism within AUC.

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