E Uses Of Social Networking

There are many other uses to social networking sites than just connecting and collaborating with different people and sharing views and opinions. One of the other uses of SNS as mentioned by Jennifer Demski in the article “Tweets for teacher” is for educational purposes. This can either be among teachers or between teachers and their student or among students themselves. Teachers and students can participate and in “ongoing educational discussions” (10).

SNSs are also being used for advertising, especially Twitter which has been recently reported as a very effective marketing tool. Amanda Vega, who is a social networking consultant, mentions in the article that "Southwest Airlines and Banana Republic are using Twitter for customer service and customer retention" (10). Sites such as twitter and facebook are now “huge for press outreach and public relations” (10). Another example of a very successful company is Intel which uses Twitter as a way of giving the buyers a sense of community toward the company that is spreading out across the nation.

A wide common use of SNSs these days is in dating services, where people communicate and exchange personal information with one another looking for dates. All the other features offered by dating services website are also available on these website, however SNSs are used for free. Another new use for SNSs that is beginning to become popular is for medical purposes. Healthcare professionals are using SNSs to manage institutional knowledge, disseminate peer to peer knowledge and to highlight individual physicians and institutions. This can be very helpful to a large number of audiences who have different questions and would like to know more information concerning their health.

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