Driving Safely

Drive Safely! A DEMAND we get from all our loving ones; your mother, father, siblings, friends, husband, wife, and of course grand parents! But what about regular people who simply care for spreading the positive notion of driving safely? There is an organization at the American University in Cairo which is called "Drive Safely" aiming at spreading the awareness of bad driving in Egypt and what it leads to. They hold a few campaigns throughout the university year, mostly sit ins. I remember one campaign which truly touched me; we were still at the Old Campus. One day, during Assembly Hour,the organization members gather on the PlatForm steps and silently held up signs with driving instructions for fifteen minutes. And then, each members took a turn by telling a story of an accident and gave advice at the end. I believe that this is one of the most effective campaigns ever in reaching the people, or at least for me. And here is why:

Through conducting personal interviews, the view of AUCians upon the driving safety campaign was attested. Similarly, the questions asked to AUC students were meant to infer the role of the Digital in the Driving Safety Campaign, and how much it attributed to its effectiveness,and/or success. I conducted an interview with five people who watched the campaign, they were all very touched, but did not think about it when they got behind their wheels. According to Hassan Abdel Hamid, an AUC Alumni, "I think the sit-in was very touching, and so true, but to be honest I did not think about driving more safely than I already do; well, I dont really drive that dagerously, I think thats why". Another interviewee added, "yea, it is true. People in Egpt are crazy drivers, but it is not us they should be targeting, but other people. But of course, I liked the campaign" (Mohamed Saleh, another AUC Alumni).

The thing is, the organization is always visible, inserting flyers in all welcome-packs of any organization and dring FYE (the Freshmen's program: First Year Experience), hanging up banners, and holding campaigs every once in a while at the university during Assembly Hours. However, they have failed in using any means of the digital media. I searched on facebook and they do not have a group, before their campaigns they do not send out emails so that people are aware and attend to see their work. Which is of course, a down side. The use of digital rhetoric in our world today is very important because people pay less attention with banners and flyers and are constantly checking their emails, facebooks, Twitters, and Skypes. I think that people with the intent to enagage in social or political activism would be more inclined to begin "online". On facebook, I found other groups and pages on spreading the "driving safely" awareness, but unfortunately none are AUC entities.

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