Digital Rhetoric

By digital rhetoric, we mean a whole range of E-writing which includes but is not limited to wikis, websites, emails, blogging, social networking, hypertext and anything written in a medium which essentially makes use of the binary code.

Further, we will analyze the pieces for 5 aspects of the rhetorical situation:
1. Exigency: the need to speak and say something. So, why did the author write what he or she chose to write? Are the arguments convincing? Effective?
2. Agency: how well does the author communicate the idea to the audience?
3. Analysis: how knowledgeable is the author about what is already out there pertaining to this subject? What is he or she adding to the field of study?
4. Audience: who is the author addressing?
5. Invention: What new argument does the author contribute to the rhetorical situation?

Essential to our argument is that these digital media are strong, powerful and far-reaching enough to give writers and users a better chance of spreading their ideas and increasing their arguments’ overall effectiveness.

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