Digital Games As Tools For Teaching

Nowadays, educational institutions, both universities and K-12 schools, are taking advantage of the digital environments to provide financial education to students. Many teachers and professors are "turning to digital-game-based approaches to teach students about personal finance and investing." One cannot oversee the importance of the digital environment and its benefits and effectiveness when it comes to students of the 21st century - students clearly "thrive in digital environments, and they learn so much from there. The digital-based medium is a way that we have to embrace".

Two examples of Financial Games:

Money-U: The founder of the organization that created this game, Katherine Griffin, states, "[Students] can experiment different outcomes, and they can, through trial and error, begin to develop those skills"


Stock Market Game: created as far back as 1977, this game is based on hypothetically investing a certain amount of money in the stock market; students learn how to evaluate and track stocks and bonds.

  • The impact of The Stock Market Game is seen in a study performed by Learning Point Associates, showing that the game actually increased students' financial-literacy scores and improved students' math skills.
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