D Social Networking Research

Social networking sites are being constantly used every day by a large number of individuals and for different purposes where different information is being provided and available for anyone to use. It has been revealed that in some cases the information available on these websites is used for legal and criminal investigations. In some situations such information was used by police and university official to prosecute users and in others the information is used in court hearings to determine the appropriate sentence of different defendants. Facebook and Myspace in particular are being used by schools, universities, and law enforcement agencies as a source of evidence against students.

On the other hand, social networking sites can be used by anyone for different research purposes. People can use them to get survey results, conduct interviews, learn about a specific audience group, etc. Or they can be used as a database full of different information about people which could be helpful to marketers. There are different uses for the social networking sites and the information available on them the most important thing is to be able to legally obtain this information and use it correctly.

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