Communication Through Facebook Groups

Facebook has become a widespread phenomenon amongst students and teenagers across the world. It is estimated that over 85% of college students use Facebook. ( Schools and Universities are taking the wrong approach towards Facebook and other social networking sites by enabling proxies and banning access to Facebook on campus. Recently, very few professors have realised the great potential behind Facebok and have started to utilize it to their advantage.

Big History 320 at AUC

This course offered by the chair of the history department at AUC, Dr. David Blanks, is an interactive course where participation with classmates through a facebook group consists 10% of the grade. Dr. Blanks came to the realization that since all students in the class are on facebook, and use it most of the time then it only made sense to connect students through it. Dr. Blanks is revolutionizing education at AUC by allowing students to communicate through their own medium, instead of imposing dull mens of communication. In an interview with Dr. Blanks he stated that "School is meant to be fun as well as beneficial. Using Facebook is a means of communicating with students on their own turf." Sherif Sherif, a sophomore at AUC, enrolled in Dr. Blanks' class shared his views on the Facebook group "It has made it easier for us to organize stuff, to share information and to use useful links and sources presented by the other students in writing your own papers."

**> Here are a collection of Posts from the group :

Reem Emam: people.. i need a group to join for the media presentation! any available places?
21 April at 00:51

Karim Asaad: guys can you plz send me the id and pass for turnitin
29 April at 18:26

(to which a fellow student responded)

Mohamed Hassan: Class ID: 3125359
Password: bighistory
30 April at 16:17

Farida El Kafrawy: hey everyone…
since we are not sure what questions that may come up in the final…
there is one concept that i couldnt fully understand ….
its the renissance period and scientific revolution…
so if there are any videos or sources..
and if someone done the question of this period in an essay and could post it that will be really helpful
and if anyone needs help about any other topic, please ask..
thank you…
12 May at 21:06**

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