Clean Ups

Cleanups! Many define this word as cleaning up a "dirty" area, or hold a recycling program at your school/university. But the International Student Leadership Conference defines the term clean ups in a completely more profound way! ISLC is an annual conference at the American University in Cairo which aims at promoting leadership in Egypt, mainly, but abroad too. Under ISLC there is a committee called ISLC Cares … Through this committee a series of community service programs take place; many of which are clean ups.

Clean ups for ISLC means a lot more than just picking up the garbage from the floor, and recycling it; clean ups vary from painting schools, to planting at orphanages, to donating money to hospitals to help them transferring it to an environmental friendly institution. By speaking to the Human Development Head, Dina Mady, who is in charge of ISLC Cares and she briefed me on the different projects they did throughout the semester. She told me that they painted a refugee school, helped to spread awareness that the Children Cancer Hospital 57357 is turning "Green", and they donated seeds for a school in Upper Egypt so that they could plant greenery around the school fence.

Regarding the Digital role in ISLC Clean ups activities, Mady stressed that without ISLC's official website or facebook, all these projects wouldn’t have succeeded like the way they did. Because through digital rhetoric, ISLC Cares' organizers were able to spread the word faster, communicate with volunteers easier, and post updated news day to day.

This means that without the use of media and technology, events which are held by ISLC will be attended by less people. Because according to Mady's claim, it was because of ISLC's official website and group on facebook their events were a huge success.

ISLC is not the only organization on campus, there is also AYB, Help Club, Hand in Hand, and a lot more. However, most of the other are more concerned with charity work, and other types of community service. Yet they all have on factor in common, digital rhetoric is a huge element in their campaigns.

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