Bringing Down The Gate

Bringing Down the Huss Gate

On March 18 2010, AUC students protested in front of one of the University’s main parking gates, “Huss”, on the pretense that they will not tolerate the closure of this convenient gate for any reason. During the first year (Fall 2008) of moving to the new campus, students parked their cars right outside Huss gate and went through it to easily and quickly get to classes instead of having to walk a long way from another gate on campus. But when students came back from their summer vacation in 2009, they found that the Huss gate had been closed. When they enquired into the reasons behind this closure, the University simply stated that it did not have the money to hire the extra security personnel. Students were not satisfied.

AUC students created a facebook event, "Strike for Huss Gate", where over 2,000 students were invited and almost 600 confirmed their attendance. The creators of the event urged the potential attendees to stand up for their rights. They expressed their dissent, saying, the “Student Union will organize a STRIKE this Thursday to show the administration that the Student Body doesn't agree to what is happening and that they have the right to be heard” (“Strike for Huss Gate”). Facebook Event

The protest found its advocates. Students assembled in front of the gate to express their inconvenience but also went so far as to push the gate down and drive a car into the portal so that the gate could not be closed again (Yosry). AUC Online Caravan Coverage

Facebook was the main medium for soliciting support for the protest.

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