Blackboard is a Web-based course-management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement face-to-face teaching.
Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, an academic resource center, and more.


It’s mainly used for interactions between students and teachers. However, students also use it to communicate with each other. Once a student is enrolled in a class, they are automatically granted access to their classmates. They are able to send each other private messages, group messages, or chat online privately.

Any educational institute can easily subscribe and create their own course-management system through blackboard where there are different versions that offer different services. AUC Blackboard is what we students are using here at AUC. The version that the university uses is very simple and easy to navigate through. Students and professors login using their ID and password where each student will have a list of the courses they are enrolled in and each professor will have a list of the courses they teach. Professors use their accounts to constantly add materials, open discussions, or add grades, while students use their profiles to submit papers, interact in different discussion and communicate with both their professors and classmates.

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