B Contributions Of Software

Since computers and microprocessors are inserted in most of the devices we use in our daily lives, software programs which are the processor of the computers and microprocessrs are essential to our day to day work. Software programs manage, control, schedule and improve the performance task as software organizes and encodes information. According to Alic etal, "software structures the interactions between people and machines in organizations of all types, helping shape cooperate routines, the contours of jobs, channels of power and influence" (6). This shows that software not only shapes the interaction between different people as social networking but also shapes the interaction between people and machines through the encoding of the codes of the information through different programs. Software programs help people to read the coded message and data inserted by hardware devices in the forms of 0s and 1s to be translated in uncoded and readable information. Consequently, software programs help in the translation of the information to facilitate the interaction between people and machines. Moreover, software programs help in the communication and interaction between people through the different Internet programs and websites. This kind of communication and interaction between people could be labelled as social networking. In the next section, social networking would be briefly and generally discussed and in the last section, there would be a focus on social networking at the AUC community and how this social networking facilitates students, faculty members and professors lives.

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