Auc Technology Centers

AUC Technology Centers; where to call and whom to call, when you need help
To every university it’s own dynamics and it’s own structures. This wikipage, written for teachers, aims at distinguishing the various centers of technology existing at AUC, clarifying their different aims and purposes. It is written in my experience as a student, an insider at AUC, who had some work experience in one of the centers and had the privilege of dealing occasionally with the other two. Having had that experience, I know how much it can be confusing to distinguish who does what for their relationship is very intricate.For though they all have the same goal essentially, supporting technology usage in AUC, their scope overlaps, and they work at achieving it differently.

In my opinion (view) technology at AUC is primarily based on three (main) corner stones CLT, UACT and CTMS. Or what I like to call before, during and after.

CLT ‘Makes You Know IT’
The Center for Learning and Teaching, run by Dr. Aziza El Lozy, makes you aware of what technology is out there available for your usage and they give you training on how to use it. Their goal, along yours, is to develop the best learning environment possible and to reach to the student. In this aquarium there are all kinds of fish, and it offers one to one session on the simplest of technology(powerpoint?) and the most complicated of them all(??). They help you choose what style to use and what technology caters most to your needs in the classroom. <<More
Interview with Dr. Aziza, Director of the CLT

UACT ‘Makes IT Possible’
University Academic Computing Technologies, you can think of it as the back door of teaching. It is the other side of CLT and no wonder, they are so physically close on campus (in terms of proximity) their offices are adjacent (Which you can find btw. in the long corridor before the library entrance). The UACT are responsible for making that technology that you are using, available up and running. They make decisions on what new software to use (and they try to involve you in their decisions, as in the UACT Fair). You could think of them as the technical savvy. (At one point they used to be responsible for the emailing service but now they delegated that to Google.) They are the ones you go to when you need to purchase new software or get some for free (because they purchase software license for you(like the OS and antivirus). And most importantly they are the ones you go to when your computer crashes. <<More
What UACT has to offer you?

CTMS ‘When Things Go Wrong…’ (and perhaps it they always do!)
Center for Technologies and Media services, helps you in the classroom. Image with me the scene where you have made that power presentation interactive, with the help of CLT, and now you are ready to present the lecture— and everything that can go wrong, did go wrong.(and it happens more often that not) the sound is not working, the screen goes up not down, the projector isn’t turned on or is projecting on the other side of the whole, the video format is not supported (:S). This is when CTMS’s hot line (2615-1010) is there for the rescue, like an ambulance , they come to the scene of the accident, and fix what needs to be fixed, so that do you can go on with the lecture you worked hard to prepare.. <<More

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