Auc In Contact With The Outside World

Most of AUC’s presence on social media is mainly used to strengthen the ties between AUC and the outside world (ie, other universities, potential employers … ect). The aim is to allow students to showcase their talents online.

The mass communications’ department addition to expanding potential job opportunities through Epsilen .
Elipsen is an online website that allows people to do their e-portfolios online. This is also a way of trying to get AUC on the radar of the professional world. It is a place for students to showcase their work and attract potential employers and job opportunities.

The benefits of increasing AUC’s popularity online are very crucial:

More Students:
this will attract more students, particularly international students. The diversity of cultures and ethnicities will help AUC provide a well rounded cultural experience to its students. The importance of cultural variety in students will help build tolerance and acceptance within Egypt’s own society, as well as help break stereotypes about both Egypt and other cultures as well.

More Professors:

As AUC’s popularity increases, more professors from around the world will be more interested in coming to teach at AUC, which will not only help with cultural diversity, but each professor would bring their own teaching techniques, which helps in providing a well rounded educational experience.

Strengthening relationships with other academic institutions:

this will help AUC benefit from the experience of other universities and educational organizations by sharing information on how to improve the position of the school through many different fields.

More Investors/Donators:

more people or business will be interested in nourishing AUC, by donating money, equipment, providing scholarships for students .. ect

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