Anti Cancer Team

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The Anti Cancer Team is a group that was established in AUC as a way of pushing for the betterment of treatment for cancer patients in Egypt, seeing as, in many cases, cancer patients have lacked access to necessary resources and services they deserve; and as such it is ACT's goal to better thier conditions. Yet while the group's headquarters is located in AUC and most of its events take place there, it is open to accept members from outside of AUC in an effort to ensure that their cause is more widespread. As a group ACT fight for cancer patients' right to treatment and a good healthcare system and conditions., through projects and initiatives such as visitations and working with children with cancer.
Yet, it is likely that ACT would not have reached their degree of success without the help of their Facebook campaigns, wherein flyers designed by ACT team members are spread throughout Facebook, and it is through these that a large percentage of the donations for children with cancer came from, particularly in the past year. Moreover, their Facebook Group has helped garner up a much wider audience and in turn obtain much more visitors to ACT's children's day, both donators and those who were otherwise interested.


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